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Let us introduce ourselves to you. We are Linspired Creations; a team of curators, dreamers, and designers based in Dallas, Texas

Most importantly, we are artists with a deep passion for flowers and creating magical moments for your big day. We hope you enjoy our portfolio and art as much as we do.

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Linspired Creations

We understand the stress of wedding planning, that is why we streamlined our process.

We start with gathering your data. Your vision, colors, story, and what's important to you.

Your story will turn into a beautiful proposal.

You keep what you want, discard what you don't need. Sometimes, we don't know what we don't know. That is why we will have substitution suggestions to give you a different perspective and price point.

The best part is we can design your entire wedding** and proposals are customizable*

Once the proposal is accepted, a contract is sign, 50% non refundable retainer is given- then we are off to the races!

**Subject to designer fees

Our Process

What we Offer

We offer full service florals for your day. This means you get exclusivity with us from the start. We only accept limited weddings per year.

  • Bridal party flowers
    • Brides+Bridesmaids
    • Boutonnieres
    • Corsages
    • Flower girl

  • Full wedding flowers
    • Ceremony+Reception

  • Rentals

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Love is love. We embrace inclusivity.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein

We understand pricing can be difficult, especially for a product that is dependent on seasonality, the mercy of Mother Nature and politics.

That is why our pricing is transparent and all inclusive. It includes labor, transport, delivery, and materials. We prefer this method for simplicity and less stress for you!




Starts at $3,500

  • glass vases
  • low centerpieces
  • Bridal and wedding party
  • Votives
  • Small mantel or arch piece
  • Best for up to 10 tables

**$100 for each additional tables.


Starts at $5,500

  • gold/silver compotes
  • Medium/Tall centerpieces
  • Bridal and wedding party
  • Full mantel or arch piece
  • Votives/candle décor
  • Best for up to 15 tables

**$200 for each additional tables

Prim and Proper

Starts at $8,500

  • Any signature vases
  • Medium/Tall centerpieces
  • Bridal and wedding party
  • Full mantel
  • Full arch
  • Candle decor
  • Best for up to 20 tables

**$300 for each additional tables

Petals, flower girl flowers, toss bouquets can be provded with no additional charge.

$150/hr if we need to stay for flipping the room or move items from ceremony to reception

Upgrades are available for all packages. Garden vases, specialty compotes, gold/bronze trumpet vases are additional $300. Rental is flat rate $1000 with a $2000 refundable deposit.

As a Chinese American, I am super proud of my heritage and culture. With this, we also help plan your perfect Chinese Tea Ceremony. Go full out or incorporate bits and pieces. We are here for you

Cultural Additons